Program Overview

ABA-Based Education

Chrysalis Academy uses research-based programming with teaching practices guided by the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and language development including, discrete trial teaching (DTT), natural environment teaching, (NET),  and pivotal response training (PRT).   

Integrated Related Services 

We integrate a comprehensive set of related services into our school curriculum including: Behavioral Interventions, Speech TherapyActivities of Daily Living, Yoga, Music Therapy and Vocational Training.


Individualized Behavior Plans 

Chrysalis Academy has a team of dedicated Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)on-site full time. Our BCBA’s provide each student with individualized attention specific to each student’s behavioral and social needs.   


Experienced Staff 

Our staff are trained in ABA concepts and teaching techniques through

workshops, hands-on training as well as passing a series of written exams.   


2:1 Student to Staff Ratio 

Teaching is delivered in a 2:1 student to staff ratio as well as in small group and large group instruction. This allows students the opportunity to generalize skills in both small and large group settings.


Year-Round Program 

Our school schedule is designed to maximize student progress while meeting the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education.  School is in session Monday through Friday with scheduled breaks throughout the year.