Play ABA Services

Our mission is to provide a continuum of excellent services for people with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.    We strive to improve the quality of life of our clients and their families. Play ABA currently offers Habilitation and Respite services through DDD.


Steps to Receive Habilitation and/or Respite Services

1. Complete the Client Inquiry Short Form
Please complete the "Client Inquiry Short Form." This will help us begin the process of providing services to you.

2. Finding a Provider
Do you have a provider in mind you would like to get setup with Play ABA? Please have them complete an application for employment by clicking here:


If you do not have a provider, we can contact our providers to see if someone has availability in your area.

3. Complete the Client Intake Form
Once we have matched you with a provider (or have recommended one to us), please include a copy of your child's current ISP to the Client Intake Form.

4. Authorization for Services
Once you have a confirmed provider and have completed the client intake packet, please have your support coordinator send Play ABA the service authorization. Please notify us by calling 480-839-6000 to let us know the authorization has been sent through.