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2020-2021 School Year Update


Dear Parents & Guardians of our Chrysalis Academy Students


Governor Ducey announced on July 30th that the decision regarding the date of schools to reopen for “in-person learning on campus” would be left up to each individual school district, charter and private school.  However, in-person learning can start no earlier than August 17th.  Department of Health Services is required to “develop public health benchmarks for the safe return of in-person learning, teacher-led classroom instruction.”  These benchmarks were release on August 6th.  We have reviewed these benchmarks extensively and are opening on August 17th with a modified schedule as well as continuing with our distance learning for students who wish to continue online.


In consultation with the Arizona Department of Education, as well as our contracted districts, staff and owners, we have decided to implement a hybrid model of learning starting on August 17th.  Our plan for hybrid learning has been approved by the Arizona Department of Education, as well as many of our districts. 


Our specialized distance learning program has been developed by our teachers and staff to best fit the needs of our students.  As you are aware, we have intensified our distance learning model to include more instruction via Zoom, as well as sending out packets of work weekly that can be done at home in addition to online assignments and recorded video lessons.  Expectations of instructional time and the amount of student engagement is much higher than in spring. 


Full time in-person learning will be based on the state and local government guidance, and we will plan according. 


Our hybrid model for the next three weeks is as follows:

  • Students will be on campus two days a week, there will be no more than three classes on campus per day.  All students will be doing remote learning on Fridays.

  • We will continue to monitor and consider the actions that are taken by our contracted school districts and other private schools.

  • We will continue to adjust and modify our safety protocols to make sure that all staff and students are safe and to help with the spread of illness


Teachers and staff will be providing an average of 10 hours per week of direct instruction via Zoom.  We also have Speech Pathologist and Speech Pathologist Assistants, who are available for individual speech sessions. The Director of Behavioral Services and Occupational Therapists have zoom meetings every other Wednesday for anyone who would like to participate.


During our hybrid model, starting on August 17th, we are aware that some parents/guardians will continue to choose distance learning.  In each classroom there will be both distance learning and in-person learning, depending on the needs of our families and students.  We believe that this is will help with participation, as our distance learning students will be able to see and interact with our in-person learning students. Those parents that choose to continue distance learning will be welcomed back to campus anytime with a one week’s notice.   


Please see below for a few of our protocols have been created, this is to help prevent the spread of illness and keep everyone safe and healthy


  • Class Groupings: With our partial/hybrid return to campus allows us to return and have enough physical space to socially distance and reduce student to classroom ratios. The teachers will be assigning students and staff to classrooms and arranging the classrooms to support the safest environments and marking off safe distances. We will be utilizing all available space to create extra classrooms where necessary. Each student will be with a small cohort and we will be limiting the changing of rooms in an effort to reduce exposure. Teaching staff will remain as constant as possible and rotate within classrooms and among classrooms, as necessary.


  • Temperature Checks:  Staff will take and record their temperature daily.  An assigned staff will take each child’s temperature with a no-contact thermometer before escorting them onto campus. If a staff or a student has a temperature over 100.4, they will be required to go home. 


  • Face Masks:  Student face masks are optional.  All staff will be required to wear face masks when indoor and when social distancing cannot be maintained. Staff leading a group will wear clear face shields or masks with see-through vinyl mouth covers. 


  • Cleaning:  Increased disinfecting and cleaning protocols have been put in place.  On days where classrooms are not occupied, staff will be cleaning and disinfecting all parts of the classroom, materials and other common areas.  There will also be disinfecting between groups and throughout the day, to insure everyone’s health. Each individual classroom and each child will have their own set of materials that will be cleaned between uses.  Please be on the lookout for a back to school supply list from your teacher. The playground surfaces will be sanitized daily and between uses.  

Please understand that we are routinely receiving information and directives from the Arizona Department of Education and it is possible that some of our protocols and or learning model may be adjusted in the future.  The safety of our students and staff members is our greatest concern.  As we implement the recommended safety precautions, it is important that every individual, staff, student, and family commit to rigorously adhering to them for their own safety and the safety of others. 

We acknowledge that this has been a difficult time for all of us and that distance learning is a challenge for our students and families.  We miss our students greatly and are anxious for public health officials to deem it safe for our students to return to us in person.  Until then, we pledge to do our very best to provide your student the best possible education during distance learning until in-person learning resumes. 

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